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The Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy is dedicated to our goal of enhancing each student’s love of singing, dancing, acting, playing of instruments and stage performance.


To empower new artist by enhancing their ability and able to contribute world class performance.


To be the home of the Best performers of  Music and Arts



MMPAA (Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy) started in Molave, Zamboanga Known as Molave Music and Performing Arts Academy opened by the Director Joseph Joshua Musca in June 21, 2008. He started out affiliating with Mrs. Go’s school, Potter’s Young Friends Learning Center and soon extended his service to it’s neighboring cities and then called Mindanao Music and Performing Arts Academy. The service became popular to the people of Mindanao every summer so he opened his own Studio later on. He then thought of going back to Cebu to help gain the Cebuano’s claim their nature in singing. In March 2011, Founders Joseph Joshua Musca and Jhade Redulosa met with the same passion in singing and training people enhance their ability to sing. Jhade Redulosa as the Business Consultant and Joseph Joshua Musca as the Director giving the birth of the Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy. Both has the passion not just in music but other arts like modeling, instruments, dancing and acting as both have joined school activities in their school days.

MMPAA Cebu started a studio in P. Del Rosario extension in March 24, 2011 and later on moved to a bigger place in AC Cortes Mandaue opening in July 24, 2012. In the early months in the opening, MMPAA offered Voice with stage performance and Instruments workshop.

  • March 8, 2012 Acting Workshop was formally launched and  was attended by the pioneer class  joined by the founders.
  • March 21,2012  Modeling is formally founded with their designated head coach and where hair and make-up workshop is tied with it. The modeling department continues to train models and endorse those who are suited for a project based on what the client would demand.
  • December 2012 Dance Workshop started to roll up with the choreography of Coach Jely Cases cross training Next Generation Artist Club Members, The Mannequins and The Minimoons.

In June 2, 2013, MMPAA moved to a more accessible place in Mandaue Centro reaching more access in the city.

MMPAA continues to live up to their mission and vision in promoting the talent of each individuals and give the opportunity for the hidden talent be unleashed and shared to people to be one of the best music and arts school not just in Cebu but soon in the Philippines.